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I am sure that many of you have read some religious and spiritual books like Bible, Quran, Tipitaka, Vagbat Gita and so on; you have read scientific books about creation of Universe, book about after death, soul, existence of God etc. And you still have so many questions in your mind, since you don’t know the exact truth. Let me ask you one more thing, do you think all points written there are correct?
So we have got something for you that can change your life and will solve all your questions; we have got a special brand new book for the people who want to go deep into their thinking, people who have so many scientific and logical questions about creation of matter, creation and change of energy, creation of Universe, rebirth, truth about soul, whether there is any life after physical death and so many other questions. So the writer named the book for the people who have many questions in their mind and heart and they want to know the answers and ask those questions, ‘YOU ASK TOO MANY QUESTIONS’.
It is a compact book and in this book everything is answered and proved in a scientific and logical manner.
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