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Looking For An Experienced Personal Trainer?
Get in Top Shape with Ottawa's Top Personal Trainer
Fitness Expert Freddy Palmer B.P.A.(Hons.)
Certified Personal Trainer.
Mr. Ottawa Bodybuilding Champion.

Personal Training/ Fat and Weight Loss/ Nutrition and Diet/ Muscle Mass Building/ Workout and Fitness Programs/ Muscle Tone and Definition/ Strength Training/ Specific Athletic Sports Training/ Training Techniques to break a plateau in your workouts/ Bodybuilding, Fitness ,Figure and Bikini Competition Preparation/ Public Gyms, Home Gyms and Office Gyms

What is your fitness goal?
Is your fitness goal to lose body fat? To put on muscle mass? To get in shape? To get stronger? To tone up? To lose body weight? To gain body weight? To have more energy? To improve a problem area like abs? To break a plateau in your workouts? To train for a particular sport or event? To correct, improve and learn new training techniques?
Whatever your fitness goals, I can help you achieve them.

Free Detailed Nutrition Plan

Free Consultation

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18 Years Personal Training Experience
Trainer Of Personal Trainers

References available

Will reply to all email inquiries

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