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Due to the growth in international trade, there is a vast requirement for legal translations in order to operate business smoothly in foreign countries. Unlike other regular language translations, legal translations are done keeping in mind the legal system and culture of the source text. The subject matter of legal document is delicate and requires the precision of an expert translator.

Textronics Communications offers legal translations of various documents such as tenders, legal contracts, patent applications, copyright registrations and other legal documents with the highest degree of accuracy and attention to detail. Translators at Textronics have in-depth knowledge of the common law and civil law legal systems important legal terminologies.

Apart from legal translations, Textronics Communications also provide translations in various other fields such as:
• Medical translations
• Finance translations
• Website translations
• Literature translations
• Technical translations and
• Language translations in 50 languages.

Not just anyone can do legal translations. If you require legal translations, come to Textronics Communications which guarantees utmost accuracy of legal translations.

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