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Sometimes the simplest or smallest of photographs are the ones that become the most powerful. Snapshots are like that: a button is pushed, a shutter opens and closes, and an image made in a fraction of a second transforms a moment of everyday life into something special, even magical. What was lively becomes still. The present becomes the past.

An image contains a story, a narrative, a life of its own, and what we see is influenced by our individual perceptions and perspectives at a given point in time. At Dollä & Däsh, we recognize the personal aspect of having your pictures taken and we ensure that every shooting is personalized to your needs.

Viewing images provides an opportunity to “read your world” and to explore the layers of ideas contained in a single photograph. Whether you are building a modeling portfolio or looking to keep a momentum for the years to come, you'll want to choose a photographer you can trust to make you look terrific and who will treat you with kindness and respect during your model portfolio session.

It's a simple fact that being more relaxed and having fun during a model photo session will produce better images. Dollä & Däsh Agency takes the time to see that you enjoy every minute from the time you begin with makeup till the final model portfolio is created.

Photography changes everything!

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