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Dog concerns, issues or just need help?
First Session & Assessment with a FREE follow up all for only $200*

Does your dog have/is:
• Attitude issues?
• Behavioural issues?
• Aggression issues?
• Obedience concerns?
• Stubborn?
• Bull headed?
• Urination issues?
• Hyper active?
• Fearful?
• Walking ahead and/or pulling while walking?
• Being difficult to walk or work with(train)/or just plain lazy?
Would you like our assistance with correcting any of the above or any others you may notice?

Are you planning on getting a dog? Or would like a future dog tested for any possible concerns?

Paws and Aws Dog Rehabilitation and Training can help!

We are very cost friendly and we are in it for the bond of you and your dog NOT all about the money. WE WANT TO HELP YOU!

It's a FREE call. I DO NOT charge for phone calls.

visit our new website
or email us
mailto:[email protected]
or phone
(705) 474-2156
(705) 477-4224 (cell)
*travel may be added for outside Ottawa

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