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Casper-A spirited beginning Casper meets Wendy
The Rescuers Duck Tales-Treasure of the Lost Lamp
Mickey's House of Villains
Walt Disney-Fun and Fancy Free
Oliver Twist
The Indian In the Cupboard
The Land Before Time IV-Journey Through The Mists
The Land Before Time VI-The Secret of Saures Rock
Winnie the Pooh-Sing a Song With Pooh Bear
The Tale of Tillie's Dragon
Animaniacs-Wakko's Wish
Barney's-Sense-sational Day
Cinderella with Brandy & Whitney Houston
Beyblade-Triple Feature-The Blade Raider
Green Eggs & Ham-and other stories
The Cat in the Hat
Noozles-Adventures in Koala Land
Barney's Big Surprise-Live on Stage
Puss in Boots
Winnie the Pooh-A Day for Eeyore
Winnie the Pooh-There Is No Camp Like Home
Winnie the Pooh-Helping Others
Grimms FairyTales-4 features-Little Red Riding Hood, Hansel & Gretel, The 6 Swans, The Spirit of the Bottle
Bend it like Beckham
Sailor Moon- Scouts Unite


Casper-Il faut le croire pour le voir*
La Cour De Récré-Vive les vacances*
D'Seuss Le Grincheux qui voulait Gacher Noel*
Petit-Pied le Dinosuare V-L'ile mysteriuese*
Les Aventures de Beaver*
Hisoires de Fantomes-Charles Dickens
Les Aventures de Tin Tin-L'Etoile Mysterieuse
Voyage Au Centre de la Terre-Jules Verne

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